A series of exclusive premieres of local / international environmental films selected by our film programmers in partnership with other film festivals around the world. We look to expand the idea of environmental cinema from the traditional to the experimental.

The following films comprised the environmental cinema programme for BEFF 2013. Stay tuned for more information about BEFF 2015!


Film Information

Year: 1940
Country: USA
Duration: 77 min
Language: English with BM subtitles
Director: Osa Johnson

Screening Date & Time

Time: 5pm, Sat 28 Sept 2013
Venue: Kompleks JKKN Sabah, auditorium

Film Supporters

I MARRIED ADVENTURE stars Osa Johnson and closely follows her 1940 best selling book of the same name. Osa portrays herself in studio-produced scenes which bridge the transition between actual documentary footage and segments as the film recounts the Johnsons' nine world expeditions to Africa, Borneo and the South Seas. Narration provided by Jim Bannon (a movie stuntman who lent his voice to many memorable westerns including that of Red Ryder), Don Clark and Albert Duffy. – Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum


Osa Johnson (1894-1953) and her husband, Martin, were pioneering explorers, photographers, filmmakers and authors, who documented the lives of the indigenous people and wildlife of the South Seas Islands, Borneo, and East and Central Africa. Their films serve as a record of these cultures and a wilderness that no longer exist today. – Natural Women’s History Museum

“With our world dissolving before our eyes, most of us are desperately wondering, and trying to hold on to what remains of the good, the true, and the familiar. For twenty-seven years, Martin and I devoted our lives to trying to capture and arrest a vanishing world, and we assembled a vast library of film of the wild animals and savage human beings and landmarks of natural beauty which we hope will be useful to the future world, if the future world has any interest in things of peace... Young people seem to me to be the most affected by the rapid changes of the moment. Thousands of them write to me for advice of all kinds. Can I help them become explorers? How will they get into some profession or career? My answer is that all I know is what I have experienced. Martin and I started with very little schooling and no resources nor help...We had only our hopes and our nerve...Opportunity is something that one has to make for himself, with laborious planning and doing and plenty of suffering. Nothing is impossible, if you want it badly enough, and if you have the imagination to dream and the energy to make your dreams come true.”

- Osa Johnson, “The Vanishing World” speech at Rollins College before receiving an Honorary Doctorate.

Osa Johnson Firsts:
First western woman to explore the headwaters of the Kinabatangan River in British North Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia today)

February 1920
First woman to fly over Sea of China enroute to Borneo

September 1935
First person to market a toy or promo along with a book and film (this includes a Malaysian Sun Bear and a Proboscis Monkey)

January 1939/strong>
Martin and Osa Johnsons Tandem Firsts:

First to fly over the interior jungles of Borneo (we have a photo of Martin and Osa with Governor Jardine receiving recognition of this accomplishment)

October 1935
First to film the Proboscis Monkey and the Red-coated, Blue-faced Maroon Leaf Monkey in wild. August 1936

Film Premiere

* Southeast Asian premiere

BEFF’s exclusive screening of I MARRIED ADVENTURE is the first public screening of the newest version (completed April 2013) which includes better audio (select scenes) and additional scenes as well.


Book, No. 1 best-seller non-fiction, New York Times best-seller list, 1940