A series of exclusive premieres of local / international environmental films selected by our film programmers in partnership with other film festivals around the world. We look to expand the idea of environmental cinema from the traditional to the experimental.

The following films comprised the environmental cinema programme for BEFF 2013. Stay tuned for more information about BEFF 2015!


Film Information

Year: 2009
Country: France
Duration: 84 min
Language: English with BM subtitles
Jacques Perrin & Jacques Cluzaud

Screening Date & Time

Time: 8pm, 27 Sept 2013
Venue: Kompleks JKKN Sabah, auditorium

With Special Live Film Performance of THE GIVING TREE with Datu Ruslan Sulai and accompanied by musician Hezekiah Asim.


A special screening of the 1963 film KEMAJUAN SABAH as part of the 50th Golden Anniversary of Malaysia!


Swirling along at 10 knots an hour in a school of hunting tuna fish, leaping with dolphins in their unruly contortions, swimming shoulder to fin with the great white shark, Oceans is to be a fish among fishes.

After Winged Migrants, Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, with ground-breaking filming resources, lead us into the heart of the oceans to discover unknown or unrecognized marine creatures.

Océans queries the impact of the human footprint on wildlife and replies to the question "Ocean ? What is the Ocean ?" through images and emotions.


OCEANS is not a documentary, but a wildlife opera. Each underwater director of photography, each cameraman bringing fragments of the score : that of a hymn to the sea.
- J. Perrin

The son of a French theatrical director, Jacques Perrin studied acting at the Paris Conservatory. In films as a juvenile from 1957, Perrin blossomed into a talented and much sought-after European leading man. Continuing to wear two hats as actor and producer into the 1980s, Jacques Perrin produced the Academy Award-winning Black and White in Color (1975), then went on to play the older Salvatore in the 1988 "best foreign film" Oscar-winner Cinema Paradiso. ~ All Movie Guide

Film Premiere

* Southeast Asian premiere