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  • #BEFFYL4S Meets scientist, Dr. Mary Gagen

    #BEFFYL4S Meets scientist, Dr. Mary Gagen0

    What do the rings in a tree bark tell you? What’s up with the weather these days? Did you know insects trapped in the ice from thousands of years ago can tell you what the climate was like back then? Visiting scientist from Swansea University, Dr. Mary Gagen, spent an evening with our Young Leaders

  • #BEFFYL4S Norgan Chen to 2018 YSEALI SEA Camp

    #BEFFYL4S Norgan Chen to 2018 YSEALI SEA Camp0

      BEFF’s very own Young Leader for Sustainability (YL4S) is one of four youths representing Malaysia in the upcoming YSEALI SEA Camp in the Philippines on March 19-26, 2018. The 2018 YSEALI SEA Camp-Bohol seeks civic-minded, environmentally-passionate youth leaders to create and implement solutions that address environmental sustainability issues in the region. Proud of our

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