The BEFF Eco Art Carnival features the collaborative work of artists who will be showcasing eco-themed art installations. The carnival is also a great opportunity to check out and purchase the art and craftwork of local craftmakers and artisans. There will be three main art groups participating, namely Persatuan Seni Visual Sabah (PSVS), Decorative Art and Craft Club and the collective from University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF).

One of the artistic highlights in BEFF this year is an Orang Utan Art Installation, called ‘Love Me, Love My Home’ featuring painted portraits of Sabah’s iconic primate. These portraits – which are also for sale – will be symbolically hung on branches along the corridor leading to the venue, replicating the natural habitat of the Orang Utan. Visitors are invited to write and hang their eco-friendly pledge on these branches.

We must acknowledge the fact that our world supports a huge variety of life and we need to respect this. We need to share and live together and not rob the animal kingdom of their natural heritage,” she said.



Persatuan Seni Visual Sabah (PSVS)

Adrian Ho

Awang Fadilah

Christianne Goonting

Kinabalu Art Group

Explore the work of Daiman Bona, Norsiah Monjurong, Mastini Asap, Patrick Monjong, Galdius Ganting, Jentivilla, and Toney Gondolos!

Anne Bidin

Anne has always been interested in art from a young age and decided to revive and nurture her artistic talent more recently. The beauty of nature and the surrounding landscapes inspire Anne’s acrylic paintings. Her works are colorful and fresh.

Chokolate bah!

Give chocolate a chance in your beauty routine. Experience a chocolate sugar scrub like never before. And for the lips that glow, a chocolate lip treatment, in the most sensual and natural way.

Chokolate bah! is a local home-based business by mom-preneur Nancy P. Liew. The love for natural skincare that is friendly, trusted and fun on the skin lead the way to Chokolate bah

Decorative Art and Craft group

Susan Rao and Felenee Lu are the Decorative Arts and Crafts artists. Susan has been doing creative and delicate craft work for more than 20 years, specializing in decoupage, cross stitch and mixed media work. A varietyof bottles, upcycled tin cans and containers have new life in Susan’s hands. Felenee Lu specialises in hand-painted functional art, mostly featuring animals and nature.


Lego Minifigure Accessories like bracelet, earrings, necklace, brooch, keychain, ID card holder, badge reel, hp/pen drive strap, fridge magnet and more for grabs!


A couple from Land Below the Wind, Borneo. Making stuff from reclaimed wood and knotting strings.


NIAG [Nature Inspiration Art Gallery] was established in 2014 to develop and groom young artists in Sabah with the necessary skill to improve the competitiveness in the market. NIAG was placed under the University College Sabah Foundation.

Participated in more than 10 exhibitions throughout the country and notably, were invited to exhibit the paintings in Kuala- Lumpur in 2014 and 2015 for 1MCAT [1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival] and KLOB [Kuala Lumpur Orchid Bonsai Show].VV


Upcoming freelance artist Abdullah Ehlid Al Walid, with his work on nature and wildlife.

The Pink DinosoAr

The Pink DinosoAr specialises in handmade items ranging from jewelry, miniatures to pouches. Our jewelry and miniatures are mostly made from polymer clay and are all individually handsculpted while our pouches are designed with a twist of local influences and are either hand painted and/or hand embroidered.

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