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Borneo Eco Film Festival is a completely volunteer-powered, non-profit event of the registered society Melapi. Join us!
Melapi is a voluntary organisation seeking to challenge current perceptions about the interface between culture and nature to create awareness and engage the people of Borneo in collective action to safeguard our bio-cultural heritage.

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Volunteer at 2018 Festival


Each year, our members work together to build partnerships, raise funds, plan and conduct the year-round Suara workshops, and present the festival weekend of film screenings and Publika talks. We are completely volunteer-driven. If you’d like to help out, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Conducting community filmmaking workshops
  • Transportation and accommodation for rural community filmmakers
  • Purchasing filmmaking equipment for community teams
  • Film licensing rights and subtitling to Bahasa Malaysia
  • High quality audio-visual projection for the best cinematic experience