CALLING ALL POETRY LOVERS! Win your share today by following the steps and reading the terms and conditions of the Poetry Competition. Win RM100 + medal + have their poem displayed at Borneo Eco Film Festival, from the 22nd to the 24th Sept 2017 by submitting your poem to!

The Poetry Competition is introduced in 2017. Our Young Leaders for Sustainability (YL4S) was tasked to organise and run the competition. Riding on the theme of nature, there were three main categories: 1) Save Our Seas 2) Happiness and 3) Mount Kinabalu

This will be a unique competition that was not about films and photography for a change, but to express their feelings and thoughts in words about the environment

Entrants are asked to carefully read the Competition Rules before submitting their poem(s).



Submission Period


From September 13 to September 20, 2017

‘POETRY COMPETITION’ features the following category:

Save Our Seas                  RM100 Cash + Medal
Happiness                        RM100 Cash + Medal
Mount Kinabalu               RM100 Cash + Medal

Entry Qualifications

  1. Open to all Malaysians aged 13 years and above on 1st Jan 2017
  2. Each entrant is permitted to submit only one poem based on one of the three themes. Entrants will need to choose submit a poem under one theme only
  3. Poems can be in English only and be in any form and style
  4. Poems must be the original work of the entrant
  5. A poem may be the joint work of more than one author. In this case, the authors will be considered as one entrant
  6. Entries must be sent in the main body of an email (i.e. no file attachments) to before midnight on 20th September 2017
  7. Entries must be accompanied with the entrant’s full name(s), birth date(s), main contact number, theme selected, title of the poem, and poetic form and style
  8. Winners will be contacted on the telephone number provided on 20th September 2017. Only winning entries will be contacted
  9. The decision of the judges is final
  10. By submitting your poem, entrants authorise the Borneo Eco Film Festival (Melapi) to publish the poem and/or disseminate information related to the poem in the media for the non-commercial purposes of promoting the activities of the Borneo Eco Film Festival


Judging will be based on the following:

  • APPROPRIATENESS TO THEME – How close the image related to the given theme
  • STYLE – Displays a sense of originality and uniqueness
  • CREATIVITY – How well the contestant is able to convey their idea creatively
  • IMPACT – The ability of the image to evoke emotion from the viewer
  • TECHNIQUE – The approach taken to create the image such as lighting, composition and presentation
  • COMPOSITION – How well the visual elements are able to harmoniously express the image
  • WOW! FACTOR – Does the image have anything special that makes it stand out from the others?
  • INSPIRATION LEVEL – How well the caption is able to evoke a sense of hope
  • STORYTELLING (CAPTION) – Is the caption able to deliver a message that fully expresses the theme?
  • RELATE TO IMAGE (CAPTION) – Is the caption able to fully describe the image submitted?
  • Only submissions that have fulfilled all of the BBFK Submissions Rules and Competition Guidelines will be eligible for shortlisting.

Enquiries please write to:



Pounsikou by Jessica Choo Kuiin Yiih

it started; as most things do;
with an item on a list – #5 climb mount kinabalu
which led me to today;
wriggling my toes in my
slightly loose adidas kampung-s,
knees shaking, heart thumping,
but eyes; sparkling.
30 minutes in left me wondering why,
why did i ever think i could do this?
but just as i was about to stop,
it started to drizzle,
& the world went quiet.

i was hiking, underwater it seemed.
over mossy rocks & muddy puddles,
through swaying seaweed branches,
till i rose above marshmallow clouds,
tinted pink by the setting sun.
a quick prayer for good weather before crashing to bed;
then suddenly it was 2 a.m hot Milo,
fried noodles & French toast,
a double knot to my shoe laces,
& up into the midnight sky,

hands shivering, teeth chattering,
but eyes; still sparkling.
one step, pause, repeat.
two steps, pause, repeat.
three steps, pause – you get it.
the stars must have giggled
looking down at this silly girl
crawling up the rocky surface,
gripping the ropes as if her life
depended on it – & so it did.
for a moment there it seemed,
as though i would never make it.
this is where you fail. full stop.


just as the sun broke through the clouds
my feet took that final, heavy step &
every little worry i had ever had,
were blown away by the wind
to where they would never touch me again.
after; as i made my way down like a crab,
i thought about how people always say that
it’s not the mountain we conquer; but ourselves.
truth is; i never thought of it as conquering,
the only thought i had was thank you –
for allowing me to be here,
for showing me all this beauty,
for letting me see that all it takes is
a step; at a time.

pounsikou; aki nabalu; pounsikou.


Happily dwelling with Nature by Anna Vinsin Vivienne

the yellow sun rays
shining on green hills
tall grasses waving
caressed by the wind

the subtle colours
of a rainbow against the sky
when the day drizzles
like angels shedding tears

the sounds of birds
busy as the evening falls
shades of grey on the ground
as the sun sets

the cacophony of sounds
mating frogs and cicadas
gentle breeze on bamboo leaves
hum a haunting lullaby


Lady in Blue by Nurul Syafawani binti Ami Ludin

The sea is a cruel mistress, my grandfather used to regale
She devours mighty ships and sinks dauntless crafts that sail
across her tresses without her consent.
She marks herself black with crosses
for every soul lost forever to the depths of her watery graves.
She floods cities and drowns children
she takes them into her watery bosom and claims them as her own,
forever caught, tangled, and suffocated in her wrath.
She spits out magnificent whales in her temper,
and left them to die on the shores of her anger,
dried out in the sun and collapsed under their own weight,
a rotting, stinking, melting end to their former might.

Beyond his chilling tales of the seas, however,
black shadows of empathy in his gaze linger.
The sea is a misunderstood lady in a witch-hunt hearing.
A poor damsel in tattered blue-green silks, crying.
Standing before a blood-thirsty crowd,
slandered by thrusting pitchforks and voices crying out.
Misunderstood, you see:
Her tsunamis were stern wordless warnings to take cover
as the tectonic plates twist and turn in their restless slumber.

Her floods a cry for help for the ice dwellers
dying unseen in the polar opposites of a world choked in heat
as the ground quakes and melts under their feet.
Her tantrums a voiceless, indignant plea
to save the sea.

Her children are sick,
choking and coughing in her silky lap,
suffocated by the oils we mined and spit back to her face like bitter sap.
Her children are in misery,
bio-accumulating mercury.
Her wide encompassing reaches
littered with her dead as we search for riches.
Her corals are bleached dead,
by acids we dumped into the depths that makes up her bed.
Her turtles, the jewels in her deep blue tresses,
are poisoned by plastic they mistook for jellyfishes.
Because unlike us ground dwellers,
The children of the sea have not evolved enough to know better.

The sea was a regal lady in blue
with a crown of glistening white foam tinted emerald from all the algae,
sustenance for her children, too.
She was truly a beauty challenged by none
her skirts shining like liquid diamonds in the midday sun;
enthroned by God with thriving life cycles
bejewelled with ancient sharks and crusted barnacles
adorned with intelligent dolphins and dancing anemone.
Now look at her, disgraced and slapped with ignominy,
her formerly picturesque blue robes
in tatters from 400 dead zones.

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