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Trevor Alvin Yaacob

Trevor Alvin Yaacob, 18, is currently pursuing his diploma in Media and Cultural Studies at University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF). He is also the UCSF Term 2018/2019 Student Council Representative for the Faculty of Development and Cultural Studies. Trevor and his YL4S team members are currently working on raising environmental conservation awareness in secondary schools through their Action Agenda project. In his free time, Trevor plays the violin in the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra.

“My passion for Environmental Conservation started when I joined the Young Leaders for Sustainability (YL4S) in May 2017 and it’s been an interesting journey ever since!” – Trevor

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Nadine Stanley Mopilin

Nadine graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) with a degree in Aquatic Resource Science and Management. She is currently working towards her Masters in Fisheries Science (Shark Biodiversity) at UMS, where she also works as a research assistant at the Endangered Marine Species Research Unit, UMS (UEMS-UMS). Nadine is an alumni of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) and Foundation of Environmental Education, UMS. A lover of the seas, she has been involved in various marine conservation activities and programs including the YSEALI Borneo Eco Warriors initiative, Shark Guardian Camp by Green Semporna and Pitas Shark Awareness Program.

“I want to make a positive change in the environment through marine conservation.”  – Nadine

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Ceaserlyn J Sinuyul

Ceaserlyn Jindan Sinuyul hails from the town of Papar, along the west coast of Sabah. After completing her SPM at the age of 17, Ceaserlyn pursued her interest in fashion, obtaining a Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) in design and later began working in event management for several years. In 2018, she enrolled herself at University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) where she is now pursuing a Diploma in Media and Cultural Studies. “My main passion will always be Sabah and protecting its environment, conserving wildlife and preserving our culture.”

“I chose YL4S as my platform to learn, share and hopefully inspire other youth and to join in the effort to save our lovely planet.” – Ceaserlyn

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Ang Chun Yao

Born and raised in Penang, Chun Yao has called Sabah his home for the last three years, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Chun Yao (or Aiden / Ah Yao) wants to step out of his comfort zone and finds YL4S the perfect platform to do so. “Before this, I was not as passionate about environmental issues compared to the other YL4S members. However, since joining YL4S, I eventually understand how man-made solid waste can destroy natural productivity such as aquaculture, thus affecting the livelihood of people depending on it.”

“I am now even more convinced and determined that we must strike a balance between managing the environment and human activities towards a sustainable future.” – Chun Yao

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Daniella Han

Daniella, or Oniel as friends call her, is a final year Marine Science undergraduate at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). More at home underwater than on dry land, Oniel credits her mother for being the driving force behind her interest in conservation and volunteering.

“One thing I learn with people is that we are hardwired to protect what we love and growing up, I discovered my aptitude for bringing people together. Thus, I decided to join the YL4S to meet and work with people who share the same burning passion as mine in protecting the environment (particularly the ocean)!” – Daniella

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Chen Nuo Geng

Nuo Geng, or Norgen, found his calling in marine science and is now in his final year pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). When he’s not diving the deep blue, Norgen spends his time reading up on environmental issues, spurring him to take action through YL4S. Norgen was also one of four Malaysians selected for the YSEALI SEA Camp-Bohol in the Philippines in early 2018.

“YL4S has exposed me to various environmental issues and now through the Action Agenda project, I have the opportunity to raise awareness on these issues amongst secondary school students in Sabah – I’m excited to be able to share the knowledge.” – Norgen

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Mior Muhammad Adam bin Mior Azli

Mior is YL4S’ resident sharks and rays guy. A Marine Science undergraduate at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Mior’s focus is the study of elasmobranch (sharks and rays) and coral reefs. On and off campus, Mior is actively involved in various marine conservation and research activities but wants to learn and do more. Mior is currently a WWF-Malaysia intern at the Semporna Office where he is involved in fieldwork and community engagement projects.

“I joined YL4S because I see it as a chance to overcome my weaknesses and develop useful skills in the field. I have since developed a new interest in coral reef restoration projects and sustainable fisheries.” – Mior

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Cherlanne Patrick

Cherlanne is a 24-year-old KadazanDusun born and raised in Penampang, Sabah. Upon graduating from Universiti Utara Malaysia with a BSc in International Affairs Management, Cherlanne’s passion for community work with rural and indigenous communities led her to an internship with Forever Sabah. She is currenctly working as a Program Coordinator for Rural Community Development with the Good Shepherd Services.  Cherlanne is also an active volunteer with several NGOs including PACOS Trust, Koinonia Asia and Malaysian Care.

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Dulcie J David

Dulcie is a graduate of UMS Labuan International Campus with a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Technology, who decided to step away from the computer and explore great outdoors.

“I have been very keen to learn more about marine life since tuning in to the National Geographic channel at a very young age. My wish came true when I got the chance to intern with Scubazoo, an award-winning underwater photography & filming company in Sabah.” Dulcie has since been involved in various voluntary work with several NGOs, focusing on wildlife conservation.

“YL4S is like one big family. I’ve had the chance to meet amazing people along the way who share the vision for a better future for the environment. Mother Nature has given us so much – it’s time we gave something back.”  – Dulcie

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Imelda Geoffrey

Imelda holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and is currently undertaking post-graduate studies in Molecular Biology at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Self-motivated, determined and passionate about the planet, Imelda is the President of UMS’ Foundation in Environmental Education (FEE), a member of the Student Council as well as Power Shift Malaysia.

“I believe that plastic pollution urgently needs to be addressed and is one of the greatest threats to ocean health. Small movements bring big change!” – Imelda

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Justin Chin Chiyon

Justin is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management at Jesselton College. The 24-year-old Sino-Dusun joined YL4S in May 2017 to learn more about deforestation and wildlife poaching in Sabah – his key issues of interest. During his free time, Justin actively volunteers in various environmental conservation activities and initiatives.  Through YL4S, Justin has gained a better insight on sustainable management of Sabah’s resources and the impacts on indigenous and rural communities.

“I hope Sabahans realise the importance of sustainable management when it comes to our resources so we can enjoy it for generations to come.  I also would like to see indigenous communities be able to continue their sustainable lifestyle, which sadly has been affected by land development for commercial use.” – Justin

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Kristy Muinis Miji

Kristy hails from Penampang, Sabah. She is a Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) BSc graduate in Environmental Science. She is currently a facilitator at Petrosains Playsmart Kota Kinabalu and a member of YL4S. She enjoys assisting and collaborating with others who work towards any environmental sustainability projects. Kristy is an amateur photographer and dabbles in photography and videography related projects. She strongly believes that there is a pressing need for a balance between rapid progress of modernization with conserving the environment for a sustainable future.

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Tang Chung Ngo

Chung Ngo hails from Sarawak and wants to rid the ocean of plastic. A Marine Science undergraduate at Universiti Sabah Malaysia (UMS), Chung Ngo has started taking more steps towards a plastic-free life, replacing her plastic straws with metal ones and bringing her own reusable shopping bag. Her biggest concern is plastic pollution and its impact on marine life. Together with other Young Leaders, Chung Ngo is part of the Pulau Gaya Waste Management Action Agenda project.

“I joined YL4S in May 2018 through a friend’s invitation – this has been a great platform for me to learn, grow and share.” – Chung Ngo

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Jushafira Faizura Binti Paizul

Jushafira enjoys volunteer work and being in YL4S has allowed her more opportunities to do community service. She was a youth volunteer for the 2018 Sabah Sharks and Rays Forum and participated in a beach clean-up in Pulau Gaya organised by Raleigh International. Jushafira is currently pursuing a diploma in Media and Cultural Studies at UCSF Sabah.

“I joined YL4S because I heard about the many volunteering opportunities they offered. I like my ‘indoor’ activities, namely reading and dancing, but I also feel the need to challenge myself, leave my comfort zone and get more involved out there.” – Jushafira

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Isabella Check Ying Chen

Isabella is currently pursuing her marine science degree at Universitii Malaysia Sabah. A passionate environmentalist, her main concern is to address the issue of marine debris iand believe through YL4S, she is able to tackle more environmental issues and promote public awareness a more organised and efficient method.

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Firas bin Mohamad Azaini

Firas is currently undergoing his third-year majoring in Marine Science in Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He enrolled himself in YL4S in a bid to seek friends with common interests and goals as he does when it comes to sustainable development. He believes that as a more educated and tech-savvy generation, it is their role to ensure that the planet does not continue to suffer the impacts of climate change. His other interests include social sciences, reading and writing health and fitness articles as a freelancer.


Adynnie Qhalisyah

Adynnie, or Dini for short, is pursuing a diploma in Media and Cultural Studies at University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF). “When I first saw the video of the sea turtle with the straw stuck up its nose (during her first YL4S workshop), it broke my heart. I was so frustrated with the situation and it really opened my eyes to the problem of plastic waste. Since that video, I say no to plastic straws and plastic bags.”

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Shin Wai Yan

Wai Yan is a second year Marine Science student currently pursuing her studies in UMS. Her involvement in YL4S was spurred when she began to notice the growing threat of plastic pollution to the ocean and its marine life. She hopes more people will realize the side effects of single-use plastics, leading to the reduction of plastic pollution both on land and in sea.

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Bronwyn Yong

Bronwyn is a 19-year-old student of University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF), currently pursuing a diploma in Business Management. She proudly calls Kota Kinabalu home and wants a cleaner KK for future generations to enjoy. Her main issue of concern is ocean pollution. Bronwyn wants to be a voice to spread awareness and share innovative ideas in cleaning up the ocean through YL4S. “Being a Young Leader in Sustainability has given me more courage to step up in sharing my ideas when it comes to sustainable solutions.”

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