The ENVIRONMENTAL CINEMA programme is a presentation of educational films on cultural and environmental topics shown during the festival weekend when rural and urban communities converge to share this experience together. Each year, films are hand-picked by our team in partnership with other film programmers from around the world. We make special effort to ensure that film transcripts are translated and films subtitled in Bahasa Malaysia, making this rich content accessible to local audiences. These films are meant to be thought-provoking; they push the boundaries of filmmaking and storytelling, bridge distant histories with contemporary aspirations for the future, and celebrate diversity.

BEFF expands the idea of environmental cinema from the traditional to the experimental, encompassing thoughtful narrative and artful expression in an exploration of our relationship with nature. Suara films are premiered at the final night of the festival weekend!


Suara Premier

Suara Premieres is another part of the Environmental Cinema programme where completed Suara Komuniti films are brought to a public audience on the big screen.


Rescuing Rhinos

BEFF 365 is where we collaborate with other organisations and events to draw attention to a particular topic by co-hosting a film screening accompanied by an interactive talk. BEFF 365 screenings take place outside of the festival weekend in different locations around Kota Kinabalu and feature talks by leading local



Boleh Bah Filem Kita! (BBFK) is a platform for local filmmakers to show how creative they can be with a very local flavour! With BBFK, the Borneo Eco Film Festival hopes to spur local talent and encourage the filmmaking scene. Boleh Bah Filem Kita!

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