Suara Community Filmmaking 2016

Suara Community Filmmaking 2016 is bringing together around 40 community filmmakers from across Sabah, representing 12 communities and 8 community-based organisations. Our aspiring filmmakers – new to the art of community filmmaking – will have the opportunity to attend a special pre-festival workshop in which they will explore creative storytelling in film. They will then undergo an intensive training workshop from October 6th to 9th, developing story ideas and gaining production and post-production skills from our trainer team of Malaysian film-industry professionals.

Our more experienced emerging community filmmakers – veterans of the Suara programme – will further hone their already considerable skills during the workshop, being guided by the trainers to put the final polish on personal film projects which they have been working on throughout 2016.

The public will have the opportunity to witness the fruits of the participants’ labours during a special Suara screening event during the Borneo Eco Film Festival on October 9th,at 6:45pm. All are welcome for the screening.

Suara training workshops are closed events and can be attended by invitation only.

The 2016 programme has already reached capacity.