#BEFF visits Tshung Tsin Secondary School’s CEP Club!

We had an amazing afternoon with the Tshung Tsin Secondary School’s CEP Club! We talked about BEFF and showed a few trailers of films in our 2016 line-up. Students are invited to enter our My Eco Snapchat Story Challenge where we are looking for eco-stories that tell us what the environment means to students all across Sabah. What really made this visit special was to be able to join the students in watching some of their filmmaking projects. What a lot of creativity and energy amongst these young filmmakers – we are impressed, indeed.

All the best for #My Sekolah and hope you guys come back as champions (again!).

We certainly hope to see all of you at BEFF, 8th to 9th October at Suria Sabah.

Find out more about BEFF’s Youth Outreach Programme.


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