4th Young Leaders for Sustainability (YL4S) Workshop at UMS Aquarium and Museum

Our Young Leaders for Sustainability (YL4S) had a blast ‘diving’ into issues of the deep blue and discovering ways to keep our oceans alive during their 4th workshop at the UMS Aquarium and Museum in Kota Kinabalu. Marine experts and professionals shared their stories and insights, starting with an introduction by the Borneo Marine Research Institute’s (BMRI) Dr. John Madin followed by Reef Check Malaysia’s Programme Manager, Nadhirah Mohd. Rifai. As the official TN50 Ambassador, she also took the time to hear what our youths had to say about the country and their hopes for the nation’s future.

Participants went home with a better understanding of Harmful Algal Blooms and what it does to our seas (and the seafood we Sabahans love to eat!) thanks to BMRI’s Dr. Teruaki Yoshida’s session. After a tour of the museum and aquarium, underwater cameraman Simon Enderby of Scubazoo talked about his encounters of the marine kind in his 20+ years of filming and discussed the power of film and media in marine conservancy.

The day wrapped up with a buggy tour of the Eco Campus and vlogging by our YL4S participants. Some of them left inspired with one very important question: So….where can i get my scuba diving licence?

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