#BEFF365 Ocean Under the Stars

The second fringe screening, the ‘BEFF365: Ocean Under the Stars’ was held on the 30th September of 2017, Saturday from 1930 to 2130 at the Kinabalu Field, Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa (STARs), Kota Kinabalu. The theme for this screening was marine conservation, featuring the award-winning documentary ‘Chasing Coral’ and short animation ‘Jonas Under The Sea.’ As the name suggests, the films were screened outdoors and the audience was treated to complimentary popcorn and iced tea by the resort.

The objective of this fringe screening was to heighten awareness on marine conservation, focusing on the issue of our disappearing reefs due to climate change. We chose to partner with Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa due to their in-house marine conservation activities and enthusiasm in being a part of BEFF’s collective efforts to spread the message on saving our seas.

The screening was open to members of the public as well as in-house resort guests. Also well-represented were members of the scuba diving community. The event kicked off promptly with a welcoming note by Melissa Leong of BEFF and an introduction of the films.  The first film was a short animation entitled ‘Jonas and The Sea’ about a young boy pursuing his dream of living in the ocean. ‘Chasing Coral’ was next – a powerful film that looks at the degradation of our coral reefs using time-lapse imagery.

About the films:

Tajuk Filem / Title: Jonas and the Sea
Jenis / Type: Animation
Tahun / Year: 2015
Negara Asal / Country: The Netherlands
Tempoh Tayangan / Duration: 12 min
Bahasa / Sarikata: No dialogue
Pengarah Filem/ Penerbit / Director / Producer: Marlies Van Der Wel (Director), Roel Oude Nijhuis, Gijs Kerbosch and Gijs Determeijer (Producers)

Ever since he was a boy, there was only one place Jonas wanted to be. The sea. Not just watching it or swimming in it, but being part of it. Under the waves with the fish is the only place in the world he feels at home. But it’s not possible or is it? All his time is spent combing the beach for things he can use to build the outlandish inventions he hopes will transport him into a new life amongst the fish. But now he’s an old man, Jonas has to face up to the increasing limitations of his inventions and his body. Time is running out to make his dream come true…




Tajuk Filem / Title: Chasing Coral
Jenis / Type: Documentary
Tahun / Year: 2017
Negara Asal / Country: USA
Tempoh Tayangan / Duration: 91 min
Bahasa / Sarikata: English with BM subtitles
Pengarah Filem/ Penerbit / Director / Producer: Jeff Orlowski (Director), Larissa Rhodes (Producer)

Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.

At the end of the screening, the resort’s resident marine biologist and CSR & Sustainability Service Leader, Joyce Murang, gave a brief talk on what everyone can do to conserve our coral reefs. Joyce also took the time to introduce the resort’s efforts in marine conservation and invited members of the public to visit STARs’ Clownfish Discovery Centre.

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